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Monthly Archives: March 2009


Boathouse tucked unabtrusively into the woods along the shores of Lake Leelanau; the last of its usefulness vanished many years ago.  Mother Nature seems to be taking it back.  Reclaiming space rightfully Hers.


Everything seems in bloom, including this tree next to our house.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m fascinated by the dainty, yellow puff-balls clinging to each branch, stretching skyward to the sun and the bright blue sky.


Abandoned structure, all but demolished by time and disuse, will be just a memory at some point – like the cold of snow in winter, quickly forgotten when the sun breathes new life in to the Earth.


Corrugated tin and painted lemons photographed in the heat of a summer day in the desert.  The sign was warm to the touch, but the message, oh, so cool.


The blossoms come in masses, delicate, frail, and vulnerable.  I’ve photographed them in a variety of light and, while this one isn’t perfect, I loved the contrasting depth of green against the vivid fuschia.  A work in progress, of course.



I love that it was raining and the raindrops speckled the concrete.  I love her bare feet pumping furiously on the peddles.  I love the sense of movement and the rippling of the streamers from the handlebars.  It captures every ounce of her exhuberance and her free spirit and her beautiful innocence.  This is one of many pictures I’ve taken of her that, years from now when I look at it again, I’ll be able to recall the moment; the rain, the wind, the laughter.




It was hard to sit beneath the trees and hear them, busily working above, and not want to try to capture a moment of their important work.  This one held still just long enough.