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I posted a similar picture back in March, but I had a lot of pictures of bees by the time the citrus blossoms had fallen to the ground, exhausted, drained of their pollen.  It was the end of the feeding frenzy and this little guy was working overtime to get the job done.  Our once buzzing trees are silent  again until next winter.  I’ll miss their beautiful hum.



  1. Y’know, I just LOVE looking at your photos! I hate bees, but that’s a really gorgeous photo of a bee! You’ve got some really nice stuff going on here!!!! I’ll be happy when you get your camera back from the shop!


  2. Thanks, Jaime. I checked with Nikon today and it has been shipped. Thank goodness. I was starting to have some picture taking withdrawal. Glad you like the shot. I managed to snap off quite a few without being stung. For the record, I’m not a big fan of bees, either. But the pictures helped me see them as one of those necessary links in the circle of life. They are sort of pretty.


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