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Occasionally we get some good old fashioned mushrooms sprouting in the grass in the desert, but not like here in Michigan (or anywhere there are more than seven inches of rain a year, for that matter).  I found these nestled down in the grass – looking like tiny umbrellas for a family of ladybugs.  I’m glad I took the picture when I did.  Today, the lawn service mowed them all down.




  1. cool! Here’s my photo story. happy Friday!


  2. What a fantastic shot! That is the PERFECT angle.

    Well done!


    • I’m telling you, Chris. I was down in the dirt for this one. But they were so….cute? 🙂


  3. Well taken, nature composed these mushrooms really well. You take good plant photos.


    • Thanks, Mike! I think I like the nature shots the best. Mostly everything holds still…unlike people and kids. 🙂


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