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Monthly Archives: July 2009


Where one life ends, another begins.


Close to finish at CYC Chicago to Mackinac.  Boats seemed to trickle  in over the course of our stay during what we had heard was a slow race across Lake Michigan.  We spotted this one from the ferry on our way to the island.  She finished top 5 in her division at 39:53:17.


I didn’t realize the ferry was in the shot until after I’d had a chance to sit down and review pictures.  The Mighty Mac was my subject, but the westbound ferry caught my eye – slow and easy through the Straits.   What a way to travel.


Probably the singular thing I love about macro photography is the way it allows you to see an object in an entirely different way; the extraordinary within the ordinary.


Bushes and bushes of these berries lined a walking path along the Rogue River in downtown Rockford, Michigan.  They captured my eye at every turn.  We’d just come from the Farmers’ Market where I’d seen pints and pints of fresh red currants.  I wondered if these were a wild variety.  No one was brave enough to test my theory.  Maybe we’ll never know.


DSCN3165It’s summer in Michigan.  The harvest is plentiful.  It is also sweet and ripe and guaranteed to stain your fingertips and lips deep red; the color of sheer enjoyment. The color of a Michigan summer.  It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

maisyhead daisy

I love this daisy.  I love all daisies.  They speak of simplicity and grace.


Maybe not the Fourth of July, but July nonetheless.  Kat is still too young for fireworks; the bedtime still too early.  But we did light off some good old-fashioned sparklers, which seemed to be a suitable replacement for the real deal.


…not sure what.  A ladybug?  A japanese beetle?  Kat and I found him on our Sunday hike through the Eco-System at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. What a spectacular place to let a kid discover nature in the midst of a city.  Not to mention, not a bad spot for picture taking, either.


This is a shot from my mom’s garden in Michigan.  The birth of a cone flower.