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DSCN3165It’s summer in Michigan.  The harvest is plentiful.  It is also sweet and ripe and guaranteed to stain your fingertips and lips deep red; the color of sheer enjoyment. The color of a Michigan summer.  It’s a beautiful thing to behold.



  1. Beautiful. Delicious. Fabulous. Picture AND cherries. Yum. 🙂


  2. We’re off late next week to TC to get the realy fresh ones. Beautiful Photos by the way.


    • Thanks, Jim. Have a great trip. We’re headed a bit farther north to Mackinac for a few days starting Monday. I can’t wait to hit the north country and, eventually, the Leelanau Peninsula. Glad you like the photos. I’m a novice, but enjoying the process.


  3. My daddy always loved to eat cherries they I believe were his favorite fruit


  4. Cherries are one of my favorite! Those are some beautiful cherries. They remind me of my childhood when we used to come to the orchard and pick our own. My brothers and I would sit in the tree and eat and eat and eat!


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