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Bushes and bushes of these berries lined a walking path along the Rogue River in downtown Rockford, Michigan.  They captured my eye at every turn.  We’d just come from the Farmers’ Market where I’d seen pints and pints of fresh red currants.  I wondered if these were a wild variety.  No one was brave enough to test my theory.  Maybe we’ll never know.



  1. Have you tried these berries yet? I have something similar (wild, in my yard in Saranac, MI) and I think they might be chokeberries. They’re everywhere!


    • Hi Molly – I actually took that picture at Black Star Farms Vineyard in Suttons Bay this past July. I’m not sure what variety they are, but they certainly looked like they’d be ready for picking come harvest time. I used to live in Grand Rapids. Thanks for stopping. It’s nice to get a comment from a fellow Michigander (even though I’m presently stuck way out here in the desert). Hope you’ll stop by again.


    • Actually, I take that last comment back. I thought you were commenting on my most recent post of some grapes on the vine up in Suttons Bay. As for these berries, I never did find out what they were. I thought about trying them but didn’t know if they were possibly poisonous?? I found a bunch of these up at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula this summer, too, at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. I’ll have to Google chokeberries and see what they are and if they’re edible.


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