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Monthly Archives: August 2009

DSCN3975We’re most of the way through a very dry summer, which was preceded by an unusually dry winter.  Without artificial sources, nothing here would survive.  Send rain!


This photo was taken near the end of our 2 month stay in Michigan this summer.  By then, a great number of the summer flowers were beginning to wane.  Some, including this batch of Blackeyed Susans in my mom’s garden, were still hanging tight; the last few buds unfurling, although a little undecidedly.  It’s almost as if they sensed the end was near.  I liked how this one sort of wrapped around itself, sticking one tentative petal out to test the weather.  Like toes into the lake to test the water, and a little undecided about whether to proceed.


The Butterfly House on Mackinac Island is an amazing place.  The butterflies were incredibly active and social and gorgeous.  This one stopped for a few moments to refuel on sweet nectar.  Beautiful!


Our Michigan vacation took us north to Mackinac Island.  I was thrilled to have a couple hours to wander around the resort property with my camera after we’d settled in to our room at Mission Point Resort.  The island was originally part of the National Park system; the second to earn such a designation, preceeded only by Yellowstone Park.  In 1895 it was transferred to the the state and became Michigan’s first state park.  Eighty percent of the island is designated as state park land, so there is no lack of serene beauty – wherever the eye can see.


I found this flower in my aunt’s garden in Kalamazoo, Michigan, shed of the majority of its petals after a hard rain.  She has a gorgeous garden of perennials and annuals providing incredible color and texture from spring to fall.  After the rain, and in perfect light softened by low, gray clouds, I was able to walk through the wet grass and over stone paths into this tranquil space.  In a garden after a drenching rain – there’s no better place to experience a beautiful moment.


I have so many, many pictures of Michigan flowers on my current card, but the edited copies all seem to have remained on my mom’s computer.  I’m in Arizona.  They are in Michigan.  Which leaves me with lots of edited photos I’ve previously taken in the desert.  Not exactly how I wanted to round out the vacation.  Anyway, this is pink.  It’s Kat’s favorite color.  It’s a color I never thought I would have in such abundance in my home.  I do think it’s pretty, though – pinkalicious.


Light.  My best friend.  My worst enemy.


One of the prettiest flowers my mom has in containers this summer is a flower whose native habitat is the American Southwest.  It’s typically considered a warm/hot climate plant, but I’ve never seen any in the desert and, in the nearly two months we’ve spent in Michigan this summer, the weather has been anything but hot.  Nonetheless, this particular flower has adapted well to the climate change.  Maybe she could teach me her secrets to success, as I’m not having nearly the kind of luck adapting to desert life as she clearly has had adapting to a more temperate climate.  You go, beautiful girl.


Cone Flowers.  My current obsession.  I blogged about it here, where you can see more cone flowers from my mom’s Michigan garden.  They are stunning and unique and fascinating.  It’s one of my favorite flowers in the garden; although, narrowing it down to a few favorites is a difficult task.  They have multiple layers of texture and great color – a photographer’s dream.

RSCN3485Kat has a tiny garden my mom put in for her.  It’s hers to tend and enjoy.  There are Coreopsis, Babies Breath, Alyssum, and Bachelor’s Button.  This one was all buttoned up when we went out to dead head and water the other morning.  I love the texture on its outer leaves.