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One of the prettiest flowers my mom has in containers this summer is a flower whose native habitat is the American Southwest.  It’s typically considered a warm/hot climate plant, but I’ve never seen any in the desert and, in the nearly two months we’ve spent in Michigan this summer, the weather has been anything but hot.  Nonetheless, this particular flower has adapted well to the climate change.  Maybe she could teach me her secrets to success, as I’m not having nearly the kind of luck adapting to desert life as she clearly has had adapting to a more temperate climate.  You go, beautiful girl.



  1. Stunning photograph. Absolutely beautiful.


    • Thank you, so much. I shot a series of them and they quickly became my favorite photos!


  2. I can see why. The color and depth are fantastic. I love photographing flowers. Any tips you are willing to share?


  3. Beautiful flowers and stunning photography.


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