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I did something silly while reviewing and editing pictures for this post:  I checked the extended weather forecast and saw more triple digit temps, and it makes me tired.  And homesick.  I find myself always thinking, “Will it ever end?  Please, just let it end soon!   I want this to be over.”  The forecast had a lot to do with selecting this picture, taken in the woods in Northern Michigan this summer.  It has very much the opposite effect on me, as did the whole experience surrounding when and where it was shot – a solitary hike in a beautiful place, the buzz of a mosquito, the smell of damp soil and moss, the enveloping hug of sunlight filtered through thousands of green leaves, the sound of water cascading through a small stream at my feet.  I knew I was home, and all I could think was, “I need to hold on to this.  Please don’t let this end.  I want this to last forever.”



  1. I can soo relate to this


    • TD – I can look at the picture and go back there in my head. Want I want more than anything, though, is to transport myself back physically. It’s my place.


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