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The Queen turned crimson with fury, and, after glaring at her for a moment like a wild beast, screamed `Off with her head! Off–‘ ~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter VIII, The Queen’s Croquet Ground



  1. Gave me a chuckle – cute!!


  2. I totally have a photo like this! I love gummy bears!


    • Brooke, your picture was totally my inspiration. I loved it. I actually started out just using the gummi bears…I wanted to do a “Usual Suspects” shot. But the orange gummi was having NOTHING to do with that. He kept falling over in a drunken stupor. I felt kind of cheap and underhanded pirating your ENTIRE shot, since I really was mostly just trying to replicate the gummis in a line. But the only way to get orange jumpsuit guy to cooperate was to, well, bite his head off. I actually think I should give you credit for the shot, since it was your great, creative mind who thought of it first and I was simply inspired that creative mind!!!


  3. perfect quote to go with this picture. Love your photography, WOW!


  4. Love this. I play with my gummi bears too… There’s one in my Flickr!


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