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When I first noticed this bee, I thought he was dead.  He stayed in the same position pretty much all day.  Every time I went back to check on him, he hadn’t moved.  I was about to less-than-ceremoniously flick him off into the dirt.  And then he woke up and went back to work.



  1. LOL Silly bee!


    • Are you still in Michigan? Hope you enjoyed your trip. How were the falls. Tahquamenon is beautiful country. Haven’t been up there in years. We’re headed north onto the Leelanau Peninsula on Saturday for a week of R&R on the shores of Lake Michigan. Safe travels wherever you are at the moment!


  2. Wonderful sharpness and colors in this image.


  3. Hmm…I’ve never seen one be still before. Great capture my friend!


  4. Great capture…I love the details…


  5. Fabulous shot Lis!


  6. Very very beautiful, brought a smile to my face. ^_^


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