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When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them. ~ Chinese Proverb



  1. they are so healthy! 🙂


    • And delicious. My daughter will eat them right off the vine! I love that!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.



  2. Looks appealing to the eye as well as the palate! Nice one, Lisa.


  3. yes I bet they tasted really good because they are so fat! 😀 I have planted peas too but I never thought it could get as fat like yours. I’m really amazed 😀


  4. Beautiful shot – love the green verticality of those fat peas, the grid of the fence and the shades of red in the fence and the background. And I’m envious! My peas are rolled up in damp paper towels pre-sprouting, so they won’t rot in our very wet ground. Hope to get them in this weekend – then the pea wars with the rabbits begins!


    • My husband had to build a protective cover of bird netting for them to keep the rabbits and the birds out. They always seem to get to them as soon as they’re perfect for picking. So far the netting is working!!


  5. Great image and great quote to accompany it.


  6. Wow, nice photo and they look so delicious.


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