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It was six months on Tuesday I lost my mom. It still seems like yesterday. I wonder if it ever WON’T feel like “just yesterday.” I took this shot of my mom and Kat wading in Grand Traverse Bay last summer, although I was originally shooting the cat tails and beach grass when they wandered in to the shot. Can’t tell you now how glad I am they did. It’s one of my favorite shots of them…even though it wasn’t supposed to be of them.



  1. It’s been a little over 3 years since I lost my Daddy. It still feels like “just yesterday” a lot of times, but not every day anymore. Wishing you peace my friend. Hang in there.


  2. beautiful. What a gift for your heart to keep.


  3. A wonderful, gift, this photo. The rawness of grief and loss does get less intense, so that it doesn’t feel like “just yesterday” all the time. But it takes longer than you think you can stand for the rawness to begin to fade, so it’s not as Bonnie said, “every day anymore.” Wishing you blessings from whatever sources in the universe give them to you.


  4. What a beautiful shot, picture perfect and peaceful.


  5. This is a beautiful shot! It actually works out perfectly – couldn’t have been any better if you had MEANT for them to be in the frame!

    There are days when it always feels like yesterday. I lost twin baby girls almost 10 years ago, and it’s still difficult. I don’t think it ever gets “easier”, just different. ♥


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