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Did you know: Flying in V formation adds at least 71% greater flying range, than if each goose flew alone. When the goose in front gets tired, another goose will take over the front position. Geese will honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.



  1. Wonderful shot, geese agains the sky with its circle of light! I can almost hear them honking.


    • Thanks, Janet. One of my favorite things about their flyovers (aside from the honking), is when they actually fly over without honking…and you can actually hear the beating of their wings. Amazing sight and sound. Glad you liked the pic!!


      • Oh yes! When I lived on a couple of acres in the country, in the fall I would lie on my back in my pasture, just to listen to the beating of wings as the geese flew over me towards my neighbor’s pond. I thought I might be the only one who loved that sound, and the sight of their feathers making minute adjustments as they glided in for a landing. How wonderful to share that with you!!!


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