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We rescued this sweet boy three months ago.  He had awesome potential.  But he had a hard life.  No impulse control.  Highly reactive.  Terrible leash aggression.  We put our hearts into rehabilitating, but he snapped at me twice and that was more than we could tolerate with a child in the house.  We were forced to surrender him last Sunday, back into foster with our local Boxer rescue.  My heart aches for him.  I pray the rescue people commit to him the way we did.  Help him succeed.  Help him be that dog who lives his awesome potential.  We miss you, Jags!  We will always carry you in our hearts.



  1. Beautiful!


  2. Thank you for trying with him. And putting him back for a foster. Hopefully his furever home is out there!


    • Thank you, Bonnie. We do miss him, but our daughter’s safety came first. He has many, many great qualities. I hope the rescue takes the time to find a home to help in work through whatever haunts him. We loved him very much!


  3. So sad, but I think you made the right decision. I hope he finds the right home to bring out his potential. So hard to do these things sometimes.


    • Thank you, Anna. I pray for the people around him every night; that they make the right decisions for him, to help him be the best dog he can be. With time and patience and love he could be amazing, as long as the rescue group doesn’t just dump him back into the system without addressing his dark side. We do miss him an awful lot!


    • eleonore mosimann
    • Posted November 17, 2013 at 1:17 am
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    All of the quotes are so powerful…for the dog, first, you made the right decision, second, you should be proud of yourself, you did the best you could, not a lot of people would have done so! It was time for someone else to help him, I’m sure he’ll be fine 😉

    lots of love



  4. Good on you for giving it your best; good on you for protecting your child too.

    Gentle hug ~ Wendy


  5. What a beautiful portrait of someone who so touched your heart! Sometimes there is just no way to make everything turn out all right. I hope you know that you did the very best you could and made the best decision you could make to keep everyone safe. if you had kept him and he had bitten your daughter, there would be little recourse but to put him down. This way he still has a chance to overcome his fears.


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